We welcome you to EDBTICDT 2024 in Paestum, Italy (hybrid)!

    In this section we outline the basic philosophy of the VGATE platform to be used for the online part of this organization. Please explore the material in the detailed program to choose which sessions to attend. This material was organized meticulously by the Program Chairs.

    Giuseppe Polese (University of Salerno, Italy)
    Loredana Caruccio (University of Salerno, Italy)

    Program Socialize
  • A central philosophy of VGATE is to promote more social engagement online and also improve the liveliness of the organization over an extremely stable tele-conferencing channel like Zoom. Scientific presentations are planned in "meeting" mode (we will neither use webinar mode nor play recorded videos in the general case.)
  • To quickly allow participants to tune-in to sessions, we provision a "live" section on the top of this page that will present the status of the zoom sessions. When a session is "live" you will see the "Join" button next to it. Just tab it and engage immediately!
  • We present the actual conference time at all times on the toolbar of this site (synced every 15 seconds). You can use this time to find relatively when a given session will start (using the overview or detailed program).
  • You will notice a red or green dot next to each session, meaning nobody is in the room or somebody is in the room, respectively. You also get a count of people in the room (for session rooms) and their actual zoom names (for social rooms). Finally, you also get a reminder of the last room you visited ("Last Visited"). This information is local and is not logged anywhere in the system.
  • We will in general NOT record ANY conference sessions or social rooms for privacy reasons. The only sessions that might be recorded are keynotes and tutorials (i.e., after coordination of the Program Chairs with presenters). In the latter case, ALL interactions by the audience will be removed from the video before publishing the video file on the web and the proceedings. Recording any part of the Conference and online sessions is strictly prohibited.
  • All multimedia material (documents, images, and videos) will become available after the event on the openly proceedings web site
  • In cases of problems (before or after the session), please contact the designated sessions chairs. For further problems, consult the Helpdesk.
  • We will provision a number of unmoderated social rooms at all times (first-come-first-serve). Any time you access a social room, our platform will show the name of participants in the respective "social room". This allows other participants to know where you are to join you for a discussion or socialization. If the room gets too crowded, choose a different empty room (you can contact other people in the room through the zoom private chat). The status of rooms is updated on VGATE every approximately 15 seconds!
  • We encourage conference speakers to announce a vacant "social room number (e.g., Social 32 )" in which speakers will be available after their session (e.g., break). This will allow participants to join them for additional questions or discussions.
  • Alternatively, think about your next paper, proposal or social activity ... e.g., asking people by in-session chats to join you in the social rooms ... Try to socialize with people you know or don't know!
  • The number of social rooms will expand dynamically by the VGATE operator based on conditions and demand. In case you need more rooms, just let us know at the Helpdesk.
  • We aim to encourage "socialization" and "personal contact" this year using a reliable audio-visual channel (i.e., Zoom) that allows quick hopping between different virtual rooms.
  • For the above reason, this year we will experiment with no seperate chat channel. We hope that with this decision we will put less strain on conference participants and make the conference participation more focused and rewarding.
  • In case offline chat discussions are still necessary, please use the Zoom in-session chat utility (person-to-person or person-to-all).
  • Chat discussions are not logged for privacy reasons but participants are encouraged to take away notes, if necessary.
  • Session Chairs will also use the in-chat tool to consolidate questions for talks, in cases participants can't / don't want to ask.
  • Try using the search box to find anything on the VGATE portal (e.g., check who is online to join him for a discussion, when a session will start, etc.) The search box even works with "Ctrl + F" and "ESC" (on PC/MAC only) to get you quickly where you want.
  • Finally, you can save the username/password in your browser (for most OSes and Android) or designated area (e.g., iOS).
  • Just press the Minimize/Expand blue button (on the toolbar - upper right) to retract all tabs and remember what you want to do next!
  • If you hit it again, all tabs will expand.
  • Our platform is mobile-friendly and network-optimized, so we assume you might be using it on-the-go as well!

  • "Sessions" are moderated by Session Chairs and scientific-relevant questions must be directed to them for appropriate actions.
  • "Social Rooms" are not moderated, but as organizers we are adhering to the general terms that apply by the Zoom platform.
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